MEC & Services is working on a 5 Phases project to aggressively prevent and combat rust. We will uncover 2 phases at this time.
The 1st Phase is on going with success and is being promoted especially to treat LED, LCD , Plasma tv’s and other electronics.
The 2nd Phase is a one of a kind product to protect high value automotive and aerospace components, mechanical equipment, Industrial equipments, Machined Steel Components, Castings, Forgings, CR sheets, Bearings, Gears, Transmission Components, Axles, Process Equipment, Flanges, Valves, Cavities in equipment, electronics and electrical equipment, measuring tools and other hand tools.
The 3rd, 4th and 5th phases will be released accordingly the developments.
We surely do appreciate your input to help make this project become a big success.


Phase 1


The cool breeze of the Caribbean sunny islands contains salty vapor and moisture that invades and affects our equipment with corrosion, dryness, wear or other damage. This process develops rapidly and regularly with LED, LCD and PLASMA, followed by dramatic consequences.

Throughout the years different hotels, restaurants, villas, apartments and other customers prevented this by making it a priority to have their tv’s coated and protected immediately after purchase! Our “coating program”, proven by successful results and satisfied customers will definitely extend the life of your valuable electronics. No more need in investing on very expensive outdoor tv’s. Buy an indoor tv and have us protect it against harsh environmental conditions. Within 24 hours your device will be coated and returned. Highest Quality Conformal Coating has many benefits like insulating function, reduction of shorted circuits, protection against chemical and corrosive attack or other environmental hazards. Other advantages are high flexibility, protection against thermal and mechanical shock, eliminating periodically pcb services, thus saving owners and shareholders money.

One time investment with 3 YEARS OF GUARANTY ! 

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Phase 2

Unprotected Electronics after 28 days being outdoor

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Nanoprotected Electronics after 28 days being outdoor

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Nanoprotech manufactures the best anti-corrosion lubricants and electrical insulation coatings on the market today.
Nanoprotech, based on nano technology is the global leader in anti-corrosion protection and electrical insulation. This unique product maintains and restores electric conductivity of electrical components even after it comes in contact with moisture. These properties make Nanoprotech an innovative leader in protection against corrosion and moisture. MEC & Services is the exclusive distributor on Aruba.

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Phase 3,4 & 5 under development. Stay connected and be the first to know once launched.


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