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Don’t waste time but have your valuable equipment protected NOW, before moisture and oxidation strike.


Without Coating

In this example, the customer is already too late. Nowadays TV are much more sensitive than before.
In this example, the customer is too late. Nowadays TV’s are much more sensitive than before. Protect yours !!!


With Coating Coaten bespaart onze klanten een hoop ellende. Coating saves our customers a lot of trouble.

On the sunny islands inhabitants are grateful for the cool breeze except for the fact that it contains salty vapor and moisture from the Caribbean sea that invades and affects our equipments with corrosion, dryness, wear or other damage. This process develops rapidly and regularly with LED, LCD and PLASMA, followed by dramatic consequences. Our Coating Services prevent this from happening.

– Through years of experience, we advise consumers to coat their LED, LCD or PLASMA immediately after purchase. – Some hotels realize this importance and call us when they purchase new appliances. – Other hotels call us after their LED, LCD or PLASMA is completely corroded, unfortunately too late. – To avoid this, we continuously promote the benefits of coating. – You will save money on repairs. – The LED, LCD or PLASMA is completely dismantled and coated. – 3 years warranty on coating of new devices. – Within 24 hours, your device will be coated and returned. – We are working with several hotels and other clients and will continue to expand our services.

Your device will be completely stripped and fitted with a strong protective layer.


Wordt helemaal uitgekleed en gecoat.
Completely dismantled and coated


Advantage :

As you can see below you will save a great deal of money when you opt to have your television coated by MEC & Services. There is no need to pay a fortune of $1950. Instead you can buy the tv of your choice for much less ($190) and have it coated by MEC & Services. In this example your 32 inch smart tv will cost you less than $400 after buying and coating. Imagine when you opt for bigger screens. Another benefit is the amount of extra choices that you get in finding the right brand and model. Outdoor models are limited and very expensive. By using our service you will drastically increase the protection and value of your system.



  Since 2004, Mirage has created a unique weatherproofing process using existing top branded TVs such as Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Sony, Hitachi, etc. This custom process allows the branded TVs to be weather resistant for permanent outdoor use.



This coating material is a low viscosity, solvent drying acrylic based conformal coating with excellent insulating properties. The lacquer is colourless transparent and elastic. It has a durable adhesion in the temperature range from –40°C to +60°C and can be used for a short period of time up to +100°C maximum. It protects printed circuit boards and surfaces from humid anorganic-acid or caustic vapours.



– Quick drying – Colourless Transparent and Elastic – Perfect Dielectric Strength – Excellent insulating properties – Protects printed circuit boards from corrosion and atmospheric influences – Protects printed circuit boards and surfaces from humid anorganic-acid or caustic vapours – Overcomes electrical leakages and short circuits – Low viscosity, solvent drying acrylic based coating – Durable adhesion to most surfaces – Can be soldered through or be totally removed – Ozone Friendly  


– Coverage at 20μm, calculated : ±0.7m²/200 ml spray (±9m²/litre) – Viscosity bulk : 10-20 mPas (Low liquid flow resistance) – Flashpoint : <0°C (Firsafe) – Drying time at 20°C (dry to touch) : ±20 minutes

Properties dry film

– (after 24 hrs drying at ambient temperature, thickness 20-40 μm) – Aspect : colourless-transparent – Surface resistivity at 20°C : >1013 Ω – Volume resistivity at 20°C : >1013 Ω.cm – Dielectric strength : >80kV/mm – Good adhesion to copper plates – Temperature range : -70°C <> +100°C


following 6 hrs at +60°C : Gt 0-1 following ½ hr at +100°C : Gt 0-1 . It overcomes electrical leakages and short circuits. As a low viscosity fixing and insulating lacquer, it can also be used as extra/after insulation of coils and transformers and overcomes disturbing noises.


• For small runs and service applications, the easiest way to apply coating is from an aerosol can. Spray from a distance of 20 to 30 cm on the dry and degreased surface. As pre-cleaning of PCB’s, we do recommend to remove greases, dirt and flux residues first. When finished spraying, clean the aerosol valve by turning the can upside down and pressing the button until only propellant escapes. • For serial production runs, coating in bulk can be applied by brush or by dipping. For spraying, two parts per volume coating is diluted with up to one part of THINNER FOR coating. The precise mixing ratio must be determined by trials with the equipment concerned. • For dip coating it is also necessary to fix the immersion time and the withdrawal speed. The faster the removal from the bulk, then thicker the film will be. Dipping baths have to be carefully protected to ensure no entrapment of conductive stuck-on residues.  

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Traditional systems and barriers


It is normal … We get so busy with life that we get used to all the barriers around us. These barriers keep us from living the life we otherwise would. Soon they are “normal”, and while we dream of the day when these barriers are no longer there, not many of us realize that we actually choose to live like that. Live the life you want to live? If not, what are the obstacles ? Financial income loss, or the current income is not enough Time – not enough time to balance everything you could want to do or need to do. Skills – do not have the skills to achieve the life you want and not knowing where to start. Chance – Never seem to be in the right place at the right time.


  hard times


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