Community Of Consumers (COC) has the main goal of providing members with special deals on products and services in return for their values and loyalty, making a difference in this fast growing economic crisis. Success and Service is the first priority. It’s FREE and very easy to use. This way of socializing offers more benefits to members when compared to other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. They cannot compete against COC when it comes to loyalty towards members. They transformed their system into a complex algorithm, emphasizing advertisers by exposing members interests and privacy without any notifications or rewards. All mouse-clicks of users are monitored, recorded, categorized and shared with paying advertisers. Social networks became pure business and focus only on fast commercial growth by constantly targeting people’s budget without returning any benefits except for the free usage. COC is centered around topics and advice. All members are treated equally and all topics will get the necessary attention regardless of who introduces it. Jump in and see for yourself !


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Click on image to visit Community Of Consumers
Click on image to visit Community Of Consumers


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