Nanoprotech Frequently Asked Questions


For how long does the NANOPROTECH protection last?


What is the area coverage of a 3 Oz. can?


Can NANOPROTECH be applied to the equipment that is plugged into electricity?


Can NANOPROTECH be applied on the equipment that is constantly under water?


Does NANPROTECH protect surfaces against extraneous environments such as salt water, chemical reagents etc.?


Why is the product labeled with “extremely flammable”?


Can NANOPROTECH products damage materials?


How can NANOPROTECH increase both conductivity and insulation at the same time?


What type of dielectric properties does NANOPROTECH have?


What should the surface temperature be during the application of NANOPROTECH?


Under what temperature range can NANOPROTECH products function after the application?


Can NANNOPROTECH be applied to electrical contacts that operate with high voltages?


Does NANOPROTECH protect the metals, electrical equipment, and printed circuit boards from hydrogen sulfide gas?


Can paint be applied to the surface that is protected by NANOPROTECH?


Can NANOPROTECH be applied on painted surfaces?


Will NANOPROTECH protect the electrical contacts from corrosion and oxidation in moist environments?


How to apply NANOPROTECH on mobile phones and other electronic equipment?


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