· TV en Audio Services

· Various installations

· Coating as protection

· Electric Garage Doors

· And many more…

Craftsmanship is mastership

Troubleshooting Electronic Circuit
Troubleshooting on complex PCB


Experience  is essential for craftsmanship. With over 35 years experience in electronics, most faults can be resolved. Although they tend to replace most defected board instead of repairing them nowadays, we always consider first, if fixing the original board on component-level, using our years of experience will suppress the total cost. In most cases, we do succeed. This process is also eco friendly and we encourage and guide other technicians to do the same. This way we participate with the nature that is having a hard time to identify and process electronic waste.


Be green and avoid E-Waste

Technology has become very compact and complex.
This requires extra time and money if
technicians and customers don’t evaluate properly.

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Why multi services and products ?

Eerst op internet kijken ?
Let me check on Internet first…

Large companies and traders around the world have conducted numerous studies to investigate the effectiveness of services to customers. It is found that many customers research the Internet and try to solve the problem themselves. Most probably they will become overwhelmed with too much information. It might take them too long before they find correct and reliable information, which after still has to be studied and implemented. By selecting and combining our services we try to be as versatile as possible to avoid this and to create a stable network with other organizations providing reliable service to make it easier for our customers. Solutions on our website is just one click away. Our progressive science and pursuit of solutions offers business opportunities. The credibility of the company in the modern industry will be strengthened and demonstrates long-term commitment to exclusivity and stability.


Our Services and Products 

• Coating to protect your devices against oxidation and dust.

• Various electrical and or technical projects for consumers and businesses.

• TV and audio Repairs.

• Repair of industrial machinery, for example CNC machines, sheet metal cutters, printing plates etc. etc.

• Repair and Installation of automatic garage doors.

• Parts Sales and / or orders on request.

• Computer repairs and program installations.

• Study or researching interesting networks and sharing our opinion (also upon request).

• Conducting Engineering studies.



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