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What’s unique about WowApp?

1. This is the First Platform where you can Chat, Call, Make Friends, Play Games, Share and be rewarded with Cash     while doing so. The company shares over 70% of revenue with the community.
2. Use your earnings to do good through Charity.
3. Transfer your earnings to a bank-, credit card- or paypal account.
4. Call worldwide at the lowest rates. Free Wowapp to Wowapp audio and video calls.
5. Private mode offers the best privacy feature where messages are deleted automatically when you end the chat.
6. Best alternative to replace Skype and Whatsapp with just one App.
7. A sender can copy and paste a file in to the Wowapp’s chatbox of any device and both the sender and recipient can    open it on any device with their Wowapp account. There is no need to transfer the file with email, bluetooth or cable    etc. to mobile and then from there to your chatbox.
8. Assign a local virtual number to any country where friends, family, co-workers and clients in that country can reach    you at local rates.
9. If you want to get involved in Network Marketing, this is a good opportunity to start for Free and build your network    while receiving rewards. Learn & earn.
10. Pays you up to 8 levels deep for your activities.

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Wowapp rewards members with special deals and cash in return for sharing the opportunity to the world and motivate eachother to make a difference in this fast growing economic crisis. It’s FREE and very easy to use. This way of socializing offers more benefits to members when compared to other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. They cannot compete against Wowapp when it comes to loyalty towards members. They transformed their system into a complex algorithm, emphasizing advertisers by exposing members interests and privacy without any notifications or rewards. All mouse-clicks of users are monitored, recorded, categorized and shared with paying advertisers. Social networks became pure business and focus only on fast commercial growth by constantly targeting people’s budget without returning any benefits except for the free usage. Wowapp is centered around free usage, sharing and earning coins and donating to those in need. All members are treated equally and will get the necessary attention regardless of who introduces it.

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